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Please tell me a time (Poem)

DistractionDistraction NoobScotlandPosts: 324 The Mix Regular
Please tell me a time,
When you felt so alone.

When no one was there,
When no one wanted to bring you home.

Please tell me a time,
When you hadn’t been fade,
When you were so hungry,
That you only ate moulded bread.

Please tell me a time,
When no one fucking cared
That you cried all alone,
That time you wet the bed.

Please tell me a time,
When flees bit you silly,
And nothing was said.

Please tell me mum,
Why you left me alone,
With no electricity,
In a cold damp home,
Where the street lights were the only thing that shone.

Please tell me,
How am meant to get over these time,
I spent all alone,
A time I was meant to spend with my mum.
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