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This poem is basically a f*ck you (guess the name for this poem could be f*ck you) (may be offensiv

DistractionDistraction Posts: 465 Listening Ear
Sky’s so blue
With a hint of sun shining out your arse,
Your so perfect,
Your never wrong,
No that can't be you.

Your a goddess,
Did no one else get the memo?

You’ve always been loved,
You’ve always done good,
You’r so fucking perfect,
While am just a disease to be avoided.

I only got one A in school,
Haven’t made it to uni and am already 19!
No job,
It’s not like am trying,
Even tho am applying.

All you see is a lazy get on the settee.

God knows,
There’s no one like you,
So fucking perfect,
So fucking ture.

But me?
Am just an average teen,
A piece of shit,
That you have to clean.

The funny thing is,
There more shit within me,
So don’t expect me to shine,
Like your family.

Am an outsider,
You could just leave,
You don’t need me,
So just go,
Be free.

(Not one of my best poems but really don't give a shit, some people are just so far up there fucking arses, and by the way I don't sit on the settee, unless there watching tv, then I might join them, and am trying to get a job so that I can pay rent and not feel like a worthless shit head and not feel bad for using the hob, had a couple interviews but didn't get any further than that, maybe am just a bitch who knows, am certainly not a fucking gold star and never will be)


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    DistractionDistraction Posts: 465 Listening Ear
    It was the only thing I could come up with lol, other then that it would have been:

    Fuck this,
    Fuck that,
    Fuck the fucking rat.

    She's still bashing about, think the house is going to fall in :yes:,

    ye, people leave uni with degrees and still find it hard to get a good job, it's a joke
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    DistractionDistraction Posts: 465 Listening Ear
    haha, thanks :)
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