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Inviting someone, who then brings other people whom I didn't invite

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On several occasions, I've invited someone to my house or to a gathering somewhere - and they've brought other people with them without me inviting any of the other people, nor having a clue that they would be coming. This has caused problems due to overcrowding, insufficient food & drink - and in some cases the people whom I didn't invite caused a lot of trouble (including damage, rows, stealing). Several different people have done this to me. When you invite someone, the invitation is for that person only. The only exception is if you've said that they can bring a plus one, but even then they should only bring one other person.

When I've raised my objections to the person whom I did invite, about him/her bringing along additional people, I thought that they'd realise the problem that they caused, would apologise, and say that they wouldn't do it again. However, their response was: "well, you know what they say - the more the merrier!" Well no, it's not merrier - several noisy, obnoxious, careless people smoking and shouting in my flat whilst eating my food and leaving a mess isn't merry for me at all!

Why would someone whom I've invited bring other people with him/her - and why do those additional people want to go somewhere that they're not invited to? How can I prevent this happening again? It's happened even after I've explicitly said that the invitation is for the invitee alone.
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