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Being criticised for not drinking tea or coffee

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Many people have criticised me for drinking squash. They told me that it's for children only - and that adults drink tea and/or coffee. I've tried tea and coffee and disliked both. At several people's houses, when they offered me a drink, tea and coffee were the only options. When I asked for squash, they looked at me in a puzzled and displeased way, as though I was an alien and was asking for something unreasonable. When I then asked for water instead, they likewise thought that was weird - but eventually allowed me to drink water there. Some of them told me that they'd never before met an adult who doesn't drink tea or coffee.

Am I in a tiny minority? Do the vast majority of people drink tea and/or coffee? Do most people stop enjoying drinking squash at a particular age? Is there an age at which people are widely considered to be too old to drink it?


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    I know a loaf of people that don't drink tea or coffee. Some like hot choc but even then, rarely drink it - they prefer water or fresh juice.
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    Why do some people have an anti-squash snobbery, saying that it's childish? I can't understand why some people are puzzled and offended that I drink it rather than tea or coffee. Do many people not have any drinks in their houses other than tea and coffee?
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    My partner is a juice only guy, on the rare occasions he'll have a hot chocolate but it has to be Mexican hot chocolate :chin:
    you're certainly not alone, a lot of people where i work only like squash, it's no surprise that coffee can be really bitter and tea just isn't for everyone. besides if you get natural squash it's healthier than coffee and tea with sugar in so the jokes on them :p some people just don't understand that everyone has different tastes, you can always buy those little squeezey bottles of Robinsons or asda's own that you just squeeze into water so you can just keep that on you x

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    Squash is pleasant to drink as is homemade lemonade cordial which I make from a no-fuss recipe. Squash is refreshing and doesn't contain caffeine unlike coffee and the stronger teas. Drink it without worry. Many I know enjoy a glass, especially on a hot day. :)

    The only concern is the extensive use of artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame and Saccarine. They can cause headaches, apparently. Sucralose which is found in Splenda is fine, as diabetics use it. Pure fruit juices can unfortunately erode our teeth if drank in quantity, but squash if naturally sweetened is okay as it doesn't generally contain lots of sugar. Squash can taste even nicer when diluted with filtered water or even mineral water.

    Coffee, incidentally, only tastes bitter when its natural oils deteriorate, so keeping ground coffee or beans in an airtight tin will keep it fresh. Don't put the tin in the fridge as the cold tends to leech the flavour away. Arabica coffee is much milder and tastes lovely poured black from a cafetiere.

    I love Mexican hot chocolate. Or any. I'll melt a bar and whisk in some milk which gets frothed, top with double cream and a large chocolate Flake to dip in. That's my little sisters' treats if they're good. ;)
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    I’m exactly the same as you! I can’t stand tea or coffee so will always either say no or ask for juice if someone asks what I want to drink. The only hot drink I like is hot chocolate but only made with milk not water :)
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    Esme, perhaps you'd like to make my lemonade recipe I posted this evening? That said, I reckon you should be able to do the same using oranges. They could make a good cordial to dilute down. Now there's a thought! :d
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