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Girls who demand that we do everything with them

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I dated a girl (not either of the ones whom I mentioned in previous threads) who demanded that I watch films with her that I told her I'd already seen and don't like. She also made me repeatedly spend a lot of time with her friends and family despite knowing that I didn't like them and that they didn't like me. She also dragged me around the shops buying things that I had no interest in. All of this, without us having had sex, stated that we were exclusive, having slept at each others' houses etc. We were nowhere near being a couple. I never made similar demands of her (or of anyone else for that matter).

I asked my friends if they've been imposed on in similar ways by girls whom they were dating at the time. Most of them said that they had. Some said that their girls had punished them for declining to spend a huge amount of time partaking in their girls' interests.

Does anyone understand why a lot of girls do this? Why would they want someone to watch The Notebook, when they know that he's already seen it and dislikes it? She can watch it, any time she likes, as often as she wants, on her own or with her friends. I don't demand that girls watch Die Hard. In addition, if a girl did watch Die Hard and didn't like it, I wouldn't criticise her for that - I realise that most girls don't like any action films. Why was I 'marked down' for not liking a chick flick? Why make someone see her family and friends when they know that he's been treated badly by them already? Why drag him around shops that he doesn't want or need to go to? What's in it for her?

I'm not saying that all or most girls do this. I just want to understand those who do - and work out how to avoid being imposed on in such ways.
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