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Hey guys! so im new here only just joined! so since i was about 11/12 (rough guess) ive struggled with my sexuality. i know 100000% im not a lesbian but i dont feel like im straight, so yes that leaves bi-sexual! so my very first sort of relationship was around the time when msn was popular (yes that long ago!) i had my first online relationship with a girl and was my first sort of relationship id ever had! from then on id had a few more but with guys and i wouldnt really call it a relationship. ive had two real life boyfriends. my ex, who is my daughters daddy, we had been together nearly two years, then split up around 3ish months after she was born. and im now with my new boyfriend, or should i say fiance who ive been with for 1year 1month tomorrow :) ive never been in a real relationship with a girl, but could see my self being with a girl if the guy relationships dont work out haha. ive never done anything other than hug a girl. im just wondering would you say i am or could most likely be bi-sexual, and also is there any other way of knowing if i am without having some sort of physical contact with a girl e.g. kissing? could really use some advice as ive ben struggling with this for way to long and its important to me that i know :)


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    If you can realistically see yourself with girls and guys that sure counts to sexuality in my book - regaurdless of whether any past relationships with either gender are considered real or not.

    If I had the choice to label your sexuality, i'd call you bisexual yes, but ultimately it is your choice whether you chose to label yourself like that or not. c:
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    You don't have to have been with a woman to know that you like women. So yeah I think that you could totally call yourself bisexual (but only if you want to.)
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    Emily, do you enjoy fantasising about having sex with girls? If so, then you're bisexual.
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