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Struggling to cope after break up, feel worthless

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Hi, 24 years old work full time and live alone

So my story is that I broke up with a girlfriend of 6 months not too long ago, she was only my second girlfriend and the first one I had lasted one month, i was dumped by both of them.

I just felt that I can't quite cut it when it comes to women, I believe i was good to her and we did so much together, it was mainly long distance but when she moved to uni that's when things went wrong, and a few months into the year she called it off, saying she weren't ready for a relationship and that there was nothing wrong with what I did. I went with that saying there's nothing i could've done, I understand that's what she wanted and I respected that.

But recently I found out that a few weeks after we broke up, she rung up to tell me she was "seeing" this other guy, she denied a relationship and she said it only lasted two weeks, but now I feel utterly betrayed and that deep down she didnt really want to be with me at any point. I just dont know what to make of it because im a nice guy so I didnt react in a bad way, saying that she was brave to actually tell me that. My lack of experience means that I just dont know what to make of it all, but i've recently became very depressed because I now believe that my personality just isnt in any way agreeable with most girls, and that i'll never be able to find anyone.

I dont know how I should react to my ex, because we kept in touch as friends after but now i dont want to talk to her because I have been deeply hurt by hearing what she did. I just feel that i cannot be loved. She said that she had strong feelings but never anything more. Im terrible at this so I dont know what to make of it all, but two breakups in a year really took its toll and now i just believe that im destined for loneliness.

Any help/advice would be appreciated


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    It's very common to feel like you cannot be loved after a breakup. It takes time to move on but I want to reassure you that you will move on and hopefully find someone that will love you for your personality and for who you actually are. It's sounds like your ex was quite nasty towards you and nobody deserves that. I generally think it's better to let it go however sometimes people think that talking it out and expressing their views help them move on. That decision lies with you as you know yourself the best.
    Please do let us know how your getting on.
    Best wishes,
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