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PM Not Sending

DistractionDistraction NoobPosts: 230 Trailblazer

I was wondering if anyone else had this problem at all,

I got a message off someone and tried to reply, my reply hasn't came up in the sent part, so I refreshed the web site and tried it again but nothing

After I re fresh it, it goes back to normal, like its never had a message typed out but when I leave the message area and go to another part of the website and then go back to the messages it has that thing in the text box giving you a choice to see your message again or to delete it,

I also tried going onto the persons profile and messaging them again but as before nothings came up in my sent box, I don't know if there getting it and its just not showing up in my sent messages or if it hasn't gone through to the person,

I emailed the Mix but there not sure what wrong

Thanks :)


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