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Why isn't sexual bullying talked about?

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Hi guys I've talked about sexual bullying before in other posts and have spoke about wanting to make people more aware.

One of the questions I've wanted to scream at the school system is "why isn't it talked about!"

Do we still live in a society of keeping bullying like this swept under the rug? Or is it simply not thought of as a big issue??

As some of you know I have been sexually bullied both physically and verbally. The aftermath of this was (what schools should be trying to avoid) me being not only extremely distressed but also terrified of being on my own, terrified of going school and low self esteem as well as a lot of other emotions.

Schools are also not prepared to help the person who is being bullied in this way. When I was at my lowest point (considering suicide) I finally spoke out about it. And while they said they would sort it, I needed support.

I do feel like I might have had a better idea of how to handle being bullied in this way (what to do) I might have also understood that how I felt was a normal reaction and reached out for support earlier. But because I didn't know what to do it went on for months. Then the aftermath (how I felt) I didn't speak out until 4 months after while I was in my first year at college. It was only then someone listened properly, told me I'd be ok, understood my feelings and gave me support.

If anyone has actually got any ideas on why it isn't spoken about and/or why teachers don't know how to or get support for the person being bullied.



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    Hey Emma,

    I completely agree with you and I think it's really important that it is spoken about particularly in high school and college! It would probably be beneficial if actual police officers or people who worked in that field came to schools to talk about these things. I'm not 100% sure as to why teachers don't talk about it much, but as I said I completely agree with you. It may be a case that in order to talk about things as serious as that, teachers may need certain training. It could be a variety of things but it would be good to look into that. I've just gone online to see if there are any specific reasons but there doesn't seem to be much information!

    Glad you've gotten the support you needed though! And well done for wanting to discuss these topics further. You should be really proud :)

    Speak soon,
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    Hey Dera thanks for replying :)

    This is a topic really close to my heart as I know the devestatimg effects it can have on people. We hear of sexual harassment in general but not so much in schools. In fact I had no idea what it was until after and yet it happens all the time.

    I only saw it as bullying after acsessing child line. Which they said if I felt the school wouldn't do anything or if I told them and they didn't act upon it. I could choose to go to the police if I felt comfortable enough. It was only then I told someone about the bullying.

    I have thought about getting together with an ainti bullying service and going into schools myself but unfortunately I work school hours and ao I couldn't do this.

    I have seen a video on YouTube on sexual bullying and I think it explains it very well. Because it points out the problems with sexual bullying, what it is, who is affected (boys and girls) it does explain some of the feelings this bullying can cause.

    Thank you for your reply :)

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    It's great that you're so passionate about these things! I completely agree with you :) Just watched the video and agreed with everything everyone said :) I think this would be great to bring up. I go to university so I could see if anyone at uni knows why! Maybe one day if you have spare time you could contact an anti-bullying charity! Sounds like it could be a great project! :) Happy New Year :D
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    I'm glad you like the video and thank you so much for having a little look into it :D
    I hope to be able to do something to spread awareness someday

    Happy new year to you to :)

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