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Oh shit

LostsenseLostsense Posts: 1,329 Wise Owl
Oh shit I just made a huge mistake. I thought for a minute I bought 6 selection boxes for the ladies in the house. 1 is moving out tomorrow so hers I gave to my befriend on Monday. So I should have 5 left but I just went to move them and I have 4 my huge mistake was I bought 5 I kept thinking in my head there's 6 people in this house but there's 5 and me. So I had 5 gave 1 to my befriend so having 4 left is right. I feel so bad I didn't excuse anyone but I did knock on 2 of the lady's doors to see if they saw anyone go in my room and our support worker has said she'll hold a house meeting in the morning now I need to tell her it was my mistake. I feel really bad I'll probably cry myself to sleep another night and feel like hurting myself now. I hope the ladies will forgive me for asking if they had seen anyone go in my room. My heart feels like it's stopped. I think for a minute I bought one for my split personality. I feel so embarrassed and ashamed. Worried. I don't want to be going around having the belief I bought one for my split personality. Support worker has said it's an easy mistake. Feel so worried now though😢


  • Cat88Cat88 Posts: 377 Listening Ear
    Hey Steph, how are you feeling this morning? I'm really sorry this happened and you had to deal with the stress, however it was a very simply mistake and I'm sure it won't be a problem to fix!
  • LostsenseLostsense Posts: 1,329 Wise Owl
    Emotional this morning. It was an easy mistake to make so I'm over that but emotional because of other things
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