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Oral sex.

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I'm apparently great at it, only the second guy I've personally been with but he says I'm too great to not be more experienced. Which isn't true, at all. I enjoy it. But although he's admitted to no one ever having him moan like I do, he does this thing where right before he cums he jumps up and has me lay on my back so we can have intercourse.
Am I taking it wrong? I thought guys love to cum in our mouths or what not?
Should I feel as offended as I do?


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    JustVJustV Community Manager Posts: 5,348 Part of The Furniture
    Hey there, and welcome to the community. :wave:

    I can see why you might feel a bit offended or insecure about something like this. Sexual shenanigans can be full of unspoken signals and hints, things can easily be taken the wrong way and it can all get a bit confusing!

    Everything you mentioned can be really subjective, though. Your guy sounds like he's clearly really enjoying what you're doing, so I would doubt him cutting things short and switching things up near the end is a negative sign of any kind. More likely, he might just prefer finishing that particular way. It's good to bear in mind that everyone has their preferences and favourite ways to do things in the bedroom, and that's not to say they don't enjoy doing things in other ways too. Sometimes it's the best of a few good options. I guess there's also the possibility that he thinks you might prefer it that way?

    Good communication can really cut through a lot of guesswork that tends to happen in these situations, so I wonder if you've talked to him about it? Sometimes just outright asking questions like this can be the best way to find out, particularly as no one here can speak for him. You wouldn't necessarily have to ask under the framework of feeling offended by it, but instead ask if there's a reason he seems to prefer doing it in that way. It sounds unlikely from what you've said, but if there is a problem then there's a chance he might just tell you and you could work it out with him. :)

    I hope that makes sense, and feel free to let us know if there are any developments
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