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Is it worth it to stay with him?

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Ive been with my boyfriend for 4 months and weve already split up twice. First time was because he was being so snappy all the time and complaining about me not being intelligent enough. I said im sorry but theres not much I can do about it so he either gets on with it or leaves, so he left. Then next say he came back after talking to each other all night. Things went ok then I had noticed him being funny with his phone, he'd panic if I cleaned up near it and would grab it and only look on it turned away from me. So I looked on it and he was messaging his ex gf and flirting with her. I told him it has to stop because im uncomfortable with that but he didnt care he just said he isnt leaving me. But it wasnt enough and I ended up paranoid so I told him to leave. A week later we are back together and I wont go on his phone anymore thats wrong to stop him having his privacy. Anyway he told me hes stopped and hes not so weird about his phone now. I still got paranoid about whether he was meeting her but now we are just awkward together. When we have sex and were together. Hes really good as a boyfriend but we just feel inadequate and anything I try do well for him he just puts me down and makes me feel no good but then other times hell tell me im pretty and that he loves me. He said sometimes he says bad things to make me feel like hes the better one so he doesnt feel like hes the less attractive one?
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