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Oh gosh! I have a crush on my best friend!!

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Oh dang I don't know what to do!!! I have this friend, right? And I've know here for about a decade (I'm 15 and she's 14, though we're in the same year at school. Her birthday is just late.... Why am I giving you this info??? :P) Anyway, I don't see her often, we don't go to the same school and we had lost contact for about a year and a half. But we spent all day together (along with another one of my friends who I had lost contact with) and previous to that I went to see the newest Ghostbusters movie with her..... And I have a major crush on her. We both came out today (I'm bisexual and she's pansexual), which was really cool :) And I just fancy her so much! We have so much in common and she's so beautiful and funny and kind and AMAZING!!! But I'm afraid that if I tell her how I feel then it'll ruin our friendship. I'm so scared that she'll think I'm weird or something, I've never had a boyfriend or girlfriend before so I'm not sure how to even ask her out!.. I'm really not sure what to do... Any suggestions??


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    Hey Captainallegra,
    Sounds like you're in a complicated situation. Thank you for reaching out to us we are here to listen and help :)!
    Wow sounds like you had a good day with her? Have you spoke to her since watching the film together?

    I think it would be a good idea to first see her more and get talking to her more. You said you guys lost contact for over a year so I'm sure there's a lot of catching up to do. Seeing her again will help build your confidence with her and help you figure out your feelings towards her.

    Don't worry that you have never been in a relationship before. Tons of people haven't and that is no problem at all. For now, I would go with the flow and see what other good days you can have together. The more you get to know her, the more confident you will be to tell her how you feel.

    Good luck!
    Best wishes, LC_
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