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Sexual Consent

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[FONT=&quot]Sexual Consent[/FONT]

Consent can be defined as
‘freely given verbal or nonverbal communication of a feeling of willingness to engage in sexual activity’
. This starts from being a simple yes or no, it may not be that simple to say within the activity but is the clearest, effective and understandable way of giving consent.

The basic rule of ‘No means no’ stands no matter what the situation! Because if you don’t take what the person or partner has said into consideration as they may not be up for it , don’t want to do it at that time or are not ready etc. and you are intentionally going against them saying no this is considered as rape or sexual assault.

How do you know if you need consent and what are the things that you need consent for?

Sexual Consent and the law

The link above will give you a clear understanding of how you know you need consent and what you need or should look out for to get consent from your partner or person.


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