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Has my boyfriend been cautioned or not?

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Boyfriend was on holiday in London when he went to the toilets in the train station for a wee. He was standing at the urinals trying to go but got stage fright (finds it hard to pee in public). A guy comes next to him and is hard which he can't help but notice as he is tall. He tried to ignore him but catches his gaze. Before he can move away the guy grabs his hand and forced his hand onto his cock. He froze for a second before he managed to pull his hand away.
As he's leaving a copper asked the pair of them to acompany him to the station. He tried explaining what happened to the cop but he either dismissed or didn't believe him.
There was another co with him who questioned the other guy at the train police station outside whilst he was asked what happened whilst they stood in the entrance area of the police hub.
Name and address were taken to check for previous cautions which there were none. He then said to my boyfriend that nothing would happen this time but it will be put on the police records.
He didn't sign anything and no form was filled out. The only thing written was his name and address in the coppers notepad.
My boyfriend is really worried about this as he doesn't know if this was a caution or not?


  • LostsenseLostsense Posts: 1,329 Wise Owl
    I read this earlier and just wanted to reply now.

    It sounds alot like the process that I went through about 3years ago though for stealing and I got a warning which I don't think a warning is on your records but I've been told the best way to find out is phone the police station up and ask them! So you could do that?
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    He went to the local police station and spoke to a sexual offence officer and the officer said there wasn't anything he could do about investigating the other guy but told my boyfriend that he shouldn't worry about a caution as he hasn't got one as he never signed a form.
    However my boyfriend being the worrier he is is still panicking about it just incase there was a way the London officer did put a caution on him wrongly despite no form being signed.
    Due to the fact he works as a carer in an elderly care home this is really bad for him if it is true. Is there a way he can ask his local police to check the system or not and should he tell work or not as he's worried that if he tells work he's gonna lose pay or his job until he finds out and he can't afford that right now.
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