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sexual satisfaction.

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The topic for this month is sexual satisfaction.

There are opinions that the more sexual satisfaction in a relationship the more happy you are in a relationship and in their sex lives. But what do you think about that?

To be honest in a relationship or sex life different things satisfy them or even persuade them into this satisfaction. People also struggle to get the sexual satisfaction that they want sometimes in a relationship maybe because they are not ready or just don’t feel like they have gained that trust in the person they currently with at the moment.

From the discussion what would you think is most important?

Relationship satisfaction
Sexual satisfaction

Staying with idea I was wondering if you had sexual problem who would you talk to or ask advice from?


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I have been a long time spectator here in the subsection, and once in a while I thank about writing but never come around to it.

    But the topic in this month is something I recently wrote an article about for http://datingpilot.dk (don't mind it's in Danish).

    Anyways, I do believe that relationship satisfaction is the key, but I also don't think you can have relationship satisfaction without sexual satisfaction.

    I would love to hear what other people thinks.
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