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Please read bf on remand for reasonable force

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My bf went to a house with a friend of his for a drink their were 2 women in their 40s and a man they all were drunk, those other people he didn't know because his friend invited him there. My bf was relaxed calm and chilled kissed his freind on the head (as a freind way he is not gay) but his friend got asked to leave because he spilled a drink on the floor. So my bfs friend left my bf did not go with him as he wanted to stay for a drink. This part I found out which is totally wrong!. The women who was there was homophobic and thought my bf was gay so my bf sat on the sofa not even started the fight but did argue with them so what we have heard the women hit my bf round the head with a crowbar and told everybody she was proud she done it laughing about it but there's a witness defending my bf he told the cps he will be standing up in court to tell them my bf was calm and relaxed before he left him at the house and .mentioned the women admitted she attacked my bf with the metal bar. My bf has been on remand for nearly 7 weeks and still in there he has got another 9 weeks before his trial.so anyways after he got hit with the bar he was knocked unconscious face down on the floor then all the drunk people that were there took his phone, keys etc. But then my bf was waking up to find they was on top of him so he kicked out not realising he knocked a cup into the other women's mouth split either side of her mouth and knocked a few teeth out which was not my bfs fault as he thought he was being attacked which we all would kick out wouldnt we? If we had a blow to the head and waking up he had no chance to get up and run because there was those against him he is 6ft3 gym build big man he is but people judge him straight away they think he's capable of looking for trouble but hes not. So my bf woke up and had blood running down his face his nose was bent to the side, he got arrested as the 3 people told the police my bf attacked them!! They never mentioned my bf injuries to his face so when my bf got to police station the police told my bf the witnesses statements have gaps in them meaning don't match also those people are known to mug and attack people as they all are drug users and alcoholics and have charges and convictions against them . So that's my bfs experience how sick and cruel people can be towards vulnerable people my bf does not deserve to be on remand I hope his case will be dismissed and those people will be behind bars. My bf has had a hard life alcohol problems that was the only way for him go cope with stress. He has no previous convictions. He also has 1 charge of battery which he had to do community service, and driving offences when he was 14 loong time ago what will happen to him with the ongoing case? I feel physically sick what those people have put him through :( there are 3 statements against my bf which don't match but the man has dropped his statement the other 2 have not also a neighbour's statement that heard the argument as that neighbour was the one who called the police
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