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Huge spider

LostsenseLostsense Posts: 1,329 Wise Owl
So this may sound crazy and mad but for me it's really serious..

I was on the phone to Saneline and I saw a huge spider race across the floor while I was sitting on the settee. I come out of the lounge and shut that door and sat on my bed. I messaged my mum asking if she could come and get it (she lives 45minutes away in car) and she rang me I was crying and laughing (because I know it is ludicrous) but I have got to be the UK's scaredest person of spiders. No point suggesting going to look for it and smacking it because it was just too big, hoovering it because it will just ranaway and asking a neighbour because I dont know them. I don't know how I can be in this flat now anymore. I'm literally wondering wether to sleep on the streets tonight. I can now feel them on me and seeing them. It is horrible. I don't know where it is now either, could be anywhere. What if I need the toilet I'll pee on the floor seriously. I can't cope in a flat on my own. I don't know what to do 😢 I am in tears


  • One-in-a-millionOne-in-a-million Posts: 595 Incredible Poster
    Hi lost sense how are you? I hate spiders too and cant stand to be in the same room with them is there no one you know who lives close by who can come and get it? I saw on the internet a spider catcher with a very long handle and meant to get one as I think I may just be able to manage to get rid of it with it. would you be able to use something like this?
  • LostsenseLostsense Posts: 1,329 Wise Owl
    I don't know anyone 🤔 my mum did give me a spider catcher but it was too big it wouldn't of fitted in the trap. I'll have a look on amazon see if there's a bigger and longer one.
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