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Friend wants to hook up with a girl at a party

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A friend of mine (not the same friend I talked about in a recent thread) is attending a party in a couple of weeks' time. He's new to the area and doesn't know many people here. He wants to meet a new girl at the party and hook up with her on the same night. He's said that he's been to other parties back home, but never had any success there. I'm not a party boy so I can't give him much advice about this matter. I've also been invited to this party, but I can't go because I have to be somewhere else on the night it takes place on. Does anyone have any suggestions for him?


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    StephSteph Posts: 448 Listening Ear
    Hi Steve,:wave:

    thanks for posting this to look for some help for your friend :yes: not sure if you've seen this before but we have a some info here about how to pull and hooking up with someone which might be useful to let your friend know about. Your friend is also welcome to get in touch with us themselves to get some support if they'd like to :) hope this helps :thumb:
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    The first article is far too vague to be of any use to him. It fails to acknowledge or address the difficulty many lads have in transitioning from talking to a girl to quickly getting her into bed. He approaches many girls and talks to them, but they don't want sex with him.

    The second article gives the reader no idea about where, when, or how to find someone to have a one-night stand with or how to approach the subject with the person they fancy. Saying to a girl he's just met: "would you like a one-night stand with me tonight?" isn't going to work. He's already tried asking that and it got him a sharp slap around the face and a stream of insults from the girl in question.
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