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a little too worried about going mad...

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I wil just say I am a bookworm. I have read so many books that I know what it is like to read a book that emotionallly effects you. I feel as if a curse has been put on me ever since I read a specific book. maybe I am mad, but I find the books is responsible for waking up tied up, smashing china, sabotaging exams, throwing furniture in my direction, pushing me etc... the last straw was when I wanted to play a CD of hymns, the CD would not play. I took it out and successfully played all my other CDs but the hymn CD did not play. Confused I went to a different room and play a CD on a different CD player. it worked fine. So I carried the book into the room and got the same result as the first. Even when I was reading it first time, I disliked it intensely but I could not put down the book- I ended up reading it in the middle of a meal time, which was frustrating for everyone but I could do nothing to wrench my hands free. when at last I finished I shoved the book in a drawer and said I will never read the book. however next day when I woke uup, it was beside my bed somehow. maybe I sleepread...so I decided to burn the book. when it burnt to ashes, I thought that was the end of the matter. a few hours later, the book was found upstairs. I was present in the burning, so I don't understand...advice on how to get rid of such a book would be needed please


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    Hi there curiousity - this is indeed very strange. Could you tell us a bit more about the book? Also, has anything else been going on in your life which could explain some of the strange goings on?
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