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Recovering from sepsis

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So about a month ago (on the day of my last A level exam) I got really ill. At first I thought it was food poisoning but then it didn't go away and I ended up being ill and in a lot of pain for two weeks before I was admitted to hospital. I was really optimistic because I didn't think I was that ill, so I thought I would be out in a couple of days but I ended up staying for a week. During the week I was told I had a 10cm abcess sitting in my pelvis that had to be drained, that was all okay to deal with for me but the worst part was getting the drain out. This was the most painful experience of my life. I was really excited when I got discharged because I was eating again and I was looking forward to home cooked meals. (I lost over a stone while I was ill so I was rather gaunt). I've been home for nearly two weeks now and I'm on some really strong antibiotics which give me an upset stomach. I didn't realise how much the sepsis had affected me until now, currently I'm feeling really lonely because the only people I've seen for a month have been my family. I'm also feeling really anxious about everything, even the most menial little tasks like going into the garden for an hour. I guess what I'm hoping for is somebody to talk to that understands because I don't know anybody that has had the same thing happen to them. I'm just feeling really lost and alone right now.


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    Hi Sarah, :wave:

    Thanks for posting this thread. Sorry to hear that you've been really ill. Sounds like it's been a really difficult time for you. You've done really well by posting here about what's happened and for looking for some support for yourself.

    Sounds really tough to be feeling really lonely from not seeing anyone apart from your family and feeling anxious about everything too. You've done a really positive thing by sharing whats been going on for you and looking for someone that understands or has had a similar experience to you.

    Not sure if you know this already, but there's live Support chat and General chat Sunday-Thursday each week from 8-9.30pm where you can talk in a live group chat . To find out more and join the chat see here :thumb:

    We're here to listen and offer our support to you*hug*
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