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why is it anybody's Business what I consume

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how is it a free society when I'm told what I can and cannot consume


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    Hey @mkatuser, and welcome to the community. :wave:

    Judging by your username, am I right in assuming you're talking about drugs?

    It's an interesting question, and it would be great to hear a bit more about your views on it if you'd be up for sharing... :chin:
    All behaviour is a need trying to be met.
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    well it's true
    what I consume is completely my choice as long as I don't go on a rampage effecting other people's lives I a harmfull and detrimental way what's that got to do with anybody whether it be psychoactive or not .
    and by the way psychoactive substance is a very big umbrella IE: chocolate is a psychoactive .
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    it's so blatantly obvious that prohibition doesn't work and the fact that Portugal adopted what they have in 2001 is a slap in the face to the rest of the world.
    since 2001 nobody has been imprisoned proposition of any kind of drug
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    interesting response Whoever old timer.
    I can easily say doesn't depend on what you consume because everything is eventually harmful! ar the right quantity for instance chocolate is a psychoactive substance and 22 KG is enough to kill someone .
    cigarettes and alcohol kill, destroy and effects more lives than every other substance put together fact.
    simply does not work proven .
    education and information is far more effective and powerful than prohibition.
    let the police do their jobs catching criminals who rob and kill and let the medical profession do their job of looking after drugs users.
    why can't we follow in the footsteps of Portugal who since 2001 decriminalised drugs for users and since then not one user has gone to prison instead they're offered help support and assistance . results crime is gone down use has gone down meaning less pressure in hospital system less pressure on the police and less stigma all round.
    heroin in England is used and prescribed by doctors and hospital it goes by the name of diamorphine clean not dangerous and on the other hand you've got dirty heroin of the streets mixed with who knows what .
    I live in hope that the whole world will follow in the footsteps of Portugal unfortunately I don't think it will be in my lifetime.
    why not just empower people by information education so that they have an informed choice about how they want to live their lives.
    and this is a direct question to you whoever called timer ,
    if heroin was made legal tomorrow ailable from boots would you become a user I'm pretty sure no Is the answer.
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    Sincerely apologise for getting your name wrong Whowhere,
    It was not intentional but I am severe dyslexic and use the speak recognition feature on my phone to write and read for its not and me the most efficient tool.
    No disrespect.
    I will in future try to be more careful with my etiquette.
    Ok I will do my best to answer your points, the examples you’re using are happening anyway regardless and they can be put down to misinformation lies about certain substances and also making them more attractive by making them illegal
    Oh and as you can see I prefer the word substance to the word drug
    A little bit more about myself, I am a 50-year-old male who does not smoke or drink alcohol even though I had a lot of peer pressure. Which I and so happy about being that ive educated myself on how much harm and devastation they cause.
    And as a young lad I was told to stay away form DRUGS and was told lies and misinformation to stop me from dabbling. But I did try some weed which put me to sleep which was of no use to me as I didn’t want to sleep, so that was a no go. I spent the next 30 odd years being a government drone and missing out on so many good and healthy life changing substances that probably would have helped my dyslexia i.e. Nootropics DMT LSD Methylenedioxymethamphetamine
    MDMA for short, please do not mix this substance up with ecstasy.
    So at the ripe old age of 47 after watching a program on the TV about MDMA with a guy called professor Nut initiated a curiosity in my to try some but after much research and question asking, just to make sure everything to go well.
    I’m just going to put it simply it opened my eye ears and mind and it as a life changing experience to which this day I have never regretted.
    Currently I do not use any substance purely because I cant trust what street dealers are selling me as I have ended up in hospital because they have mixed it with toxins.
    This is all down to prohibition driving substance’s underground and putting people at harm and making the cartels richer and funding yes im going to say it terrorism.
    The examples you are using above include alcohol, which as far as im aware is legal
    People who are treated ignorantly will behave ignorantly
    There is such a big difference to just the definitions
    1) Substance use
    2) Substance misuse
    3) Substance abuse
    4) Substance addiction
    5) Substance depended
    Then there is the different substance effects
    1. Depressants
    2. stimulants
    3. psychedelics
    4)Emisynthetic psychedelic entactogens the phenethylamine family
    And due to lack of truthful information and ignorance people mix the above, which cusses such havoc

    Once again I apologise for my dyslexia.
    Respect Whowhere

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    for some reason i am unable to respond
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  • SkiveSkive Posts: 15,281 Skive's The Limit
    Whowhere wrote: »
    Would it reduce the strain on our health services? Not in the slightest.

    Would love to see it backed up by evidence. Statistics from countries which have actually decriminalised drugs show a drop in crime and a drop in drug related health issues.

    Since decriminalisation iin 2001. Portugal has treated drug as a health issue rather than a legal issue, and the result is a decline in drug use overall, a drop in HIV infection rates and a reduction on drug related deaths.
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