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Mean words using discriminating words

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My ex keeps calling me a faggot. I have so many close and dear friends that are gay but I am not. Is this illegal for her to do so and how can I legally get her to stop?


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    Don't think their is much you can do by law, any chance of stopping all contact with your Ex? Blocking her number, on Facebook, and all that m'larkey?
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    Thank you for the response. I grew up following the grateful dead and going to the rainbow gatherings. I got sent away for awhile and then came home. Now I'm a bad guy. ??? My one daughter got hurt by my ex wife's mothers boyfriend and he got sentenced last year to 18 years. Now my ex is with a male that has a history of domestic battery against women. I am sooo totally against violence and am worried to death this guy might hurt one of my 4 daughters or their mother in front of my daughters. I warned her about him and next thing I know I'm accused of putting things inside me analy, being called a fag got cause a lot of my dear friends are gay, I mean I don't understand the violence or hateful words and wish there was something that I could say or file in court to make her stop, because I have to communicate with her because of my daughters as well I don't want my girls to be racist against anyone due to skin color or sexual preference. I wish I knew of a law organization that could help.
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    If I were in your situation, my biggest concern would be your ex-wife's violent boyfriend and the threat he poses to your daughters. The authorities may be interested in that. Do your daughters live with your ex-wife? Whereabouts in the world do you live?
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