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What Does Independence Mean to You?

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Everyone is their own person, therefore peoples’ values are different. Each person has their own meaning of independence in their lives. The question remains as to whether being in a relationship changes our level of independence – has a relationship ever made you more dependent on your partner rather than yourself?

Whilst we can rely on many of our friends and family. It is still important to remember ourselves and that we have responsibilities and decisions to make throughout our lives.

One article in particular comes to our attention when we consider the traits that independent people have when they are in a relationship, which reflects on their strength of independence. Read the article here.

Do you follow any of these traits? Or do you consider being independent something different from the points mentioned in the article?


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hi tasha,

    Interesting article! :) I think its a bit tricky being independent when you are in a relationship, especially if like me, you live with your partner. I am a fairly lazy person around the house, and I don't always do my bit so I used to be very much dependent on him. Now I am trying to pull my own weight in things. I am also emotionally dependent on him which I am trying desperately not to be, but its not easy! I follow trait number one, three and four. I think independence is also about being able to cope without your partner when they are not there.
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    Hi Hope93,

    Thank you for posting a response.

    Being a relationship can have an effect on your independence and it can be easy to become dependent on your partner. Especially when you live with them as you've said. :yes: It's good to hear that you are trying not to be as dependent on him as much as it can be difficult at times. We can all be lazy around the house from time to time.

    To hear that you spend time alone, don't 'check-in' constantly, and let your partner do your own thing shows that you still have your independence. :)

    When our partners are not around, it gives us the time to think about these things, broadening our understanding of relationships and how everyone is different.

    Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic.:)
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