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Please help sorry in advance for long post:

Currently me and my 3 children are in a one bedroom flat age 3,1 and 4 months. I have No lift and no where downstairs to store the pram. My kitchen is in the living room and to wide to block off so cooking dinner well is near impossible. My eldest goes to nursery and I cannot physically get him downstairs whilst carrying 2 children (who can't walk yet) and a double pram.
Bath time well I don't have a bath and trying to shower a 3 year old is a nightmare he screams and I'm worried he's gonna slip.
My children never go out not even to the park or downstairs for an ice cream as its just to hard.
I have to rely on my mum who works so much and I've just had enough.
I could go on about the problems like climbing the banista ect but to be honest there is so many problems i would be here for ages.
I've spoken to the council about if there was a fire I couldn't get my kids out and they said I'm looking at about 1.5-2 years before I get moved. I've tried speaking to a manager or housing officer but they always say they will get them to call me back and never do?
Where do I stand and what do I do?


  • StephSteph Moderator Posts: 448 Boards Initiate
    Hi Leanneday,

    Thanks for your post and welcome to the boards too :wave:

    Thanks for letting us know your situation, it sounds like things are really tough for you. It's really positive that you've come here to look for some help for yourself.

    Sounds like as you say there are lots of problems where you live at the moment, sounds like its really hard for you with your 3 children living there.

    Sorry to hear that the council have said that it's going to take 1 and a half to 2 years to be moved and that the housing officer never calls you back.

    There's an organisation called Shelter who have housing advice on their website which might be useful to look at. Also Citizens Advice have advice on their website about lots of different subjects including housing and rights.

    Hope this helps :)
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