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HELP! Do I text him first or wait it out...

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I met this super hot Venezuelan guy at a club in January. (he goes to school where i live too) We exchanged numbers but I didnt think anything of it. Throughout the night at the club he was super polite compared to other guys, for example whenever my dress would ride up he would help pull it down. We texted on and off for a few weeks then I got over it. He was always the one to initiate the conversation and text me. He has always consistently showed interest. We started to text again a few months later and made plans to hang out. I chickened out the first two times but then finally we recently went out on a date. I dont date much so I was super nervous and i am also not very confident which is why i chickened out the first two times but I am so tired of being single. I thought it went super well, the conversation was flowing, he even asked me to go out with him that same night after I finished work. When I left he texted me saying he had a great time and would love to see me again. I told him i had a great time too and that I would text him once I was done with work to go out. He responded with "sounds good!" and that was it. Either he's giving me mixed signals or im just reading into it too much? I just dont want to give up on whatever this is. So should I just forget about it? Wait out for his response? Or be ballsy and text him first?


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    Hi there jgo99, welcome to the boards :wave:

    It sounds like the main reason you didn't date this guy earlier was that you were nervous - is there any particular reason that made you nervous? It can be hard to go into dating when you don't do it much, but well done for jumping in and finally meeting him! :yes:

    Did you text him after work like you told him you would? It wasn't clear whether you had or not - if you told him you would contact him and didn't, do you think you would feel ok to drop him a text and go from there? From your post it does sound like he is interested and that you both had a nice time, so if you feel good about it then it could be worth seeing him again!

    Here are a couple of articles around datng that could help;
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    Do let us know how you get on and good luck *hug*
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