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Why is wrong with me!

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So today I had a anger outburst, I woke up feeling fine, then I started listening to loud techno music & starting move body around while sitting in my chair, I started building up anxiety, finally 5 hours later, me & my dad were driving by the courthouse, he started to record me, & I got mad & jumped out of his car, & he left, & I punched a cars window, & I ran off as fast as I could, I was bleeding in my hand, & I got home, my mom & dad were there, & I got a bit paranoid because I felt like the cops were going to knock on my door, & now I feel a lot better, but I still have remorse.

I also been using the topic or race/ethnicity, because I feel passionate about this topic, but Iḿ obsessed with It, iḿ from the states, my folks are from Mexico, I did AncestryDNA, which I came out 59% European & 31% Native American, with a bits of other things, but here how America sees it they see me as a Latino/Hispanic, because usually the mixes from Latin America will be seen as the Latino look, but I cant seem to accept that most people see me this way, & that despite how other countries see it, thats the way how its seen here.

Iḿ only 17, I find the race & ethnicity topic a bit normal, but still a issue, but the anger outbursts itś a problem.


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    Hi there,

    Welcome to the boards!

    Thanks for your post. Sounds like things are really difficult for you at the moment. You were saying that your dad started to record you earlier as you were driving by the courthouse and that you punched a cars window and ran off and that your hand was bleeding, could you say more about this and what happened? Sounds like a tough time for you, how are you feeling at the moment? How are you physically too, how's your hand now?

    You were saying in your message that you're from the states, thanks for letting us know, just so you know we are an organisation based in the UK in case you didn't know. You were saying that you're obsessed with the topic of race/ethnicity and that you can't seem to accept that most people see you as Latino/Hispanic in America. This sounds really hard for you to deal with, you're doing really well to talk about the way you feel about this, it's really positive that you're reaching out for some support.

    You were saying that it's anger outbursts which are a problem, how long has they been happening for and is there anything that triggers them to start at all? It's really good that you're speaking out about what's going on for you at the moment. What ideally would you like to happen?

    Just want to also let you know that we also have live support chat (which is a group chat) Sunday - Thursday night from 8pm - 9.30pm UK time, you can find this here

    Hope this helps :)

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