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I feel like I'm losing my shit

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These retarted popular kids who I tried to be like for a while try to put me down because I fell and tried to be like other people instead of being a strong respected person like I was up until 9th grade,anyways these stupid fucks tried to tell me Im not shit,so now I'm obsessing over it and I think I'm nothing and I'm blind and I feel like I'm not a person and I'm not capable and everything I used to be wasn't true.these thoughts are horrible and I feel like snapping.i am now 16 and out of school because my OCD is so bad.


  • StephSteph Posts: 448 Listening Ear
    Hi there,

    Welcome to the boards!

    Thanks for your post. Firstly, just want to let you know that I'm going to move your post into the student section as at the moment it's in the Welcome Centre and you might get more replies there :thumb:

    The thoughts you mentioned about feeling like you're not a person and that you're not capable sound really hard to deal with. You've done a really positive thing to come here to look for some support for yourself with this. How long have you felt this way for? Have you been able to speak to anyone about what's been going on at all?

    You were saying that you're out of school at the moment as your OCD is so bad, this seems like a difficult situation to be in. Could you say more about this and what's been happening with your OCD?

    You also said in your message that some popular kids that you tried to be like for while have tried to put you down. This sounds really tough to cope with. It's really brave of you to talk about this.

    We also run live group support chat Sunday to Thursday evening (UK time) the next chat is at 8pm tonight if you would like to come along to get support in a group environment here's the link to this - Live Chat

    Keep posting, we're here to listen and support you :)
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    just thought i'd reply and see how you are doing?

    hope you're okay!
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