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One for the guys: online dating?

JustVJustV Community Manager Posts: 5,305 Part of The Furniture
For guys, online dating can often feel like an uphill struggle. Males seemingly outnumber females by a huge margin, and while this mismatch isn't necessarily a problem depending on your sexual orientation, it's been known to lead to a pretty significant imbalance in the luck guys have with online dating when compared with girls.

This can have quite a hefty ripple effect; lack of interest on these sites can lead to lower confidence and 'tinder fatigue', which may also end up seriously impacting your mental health in general. Alright, that's the extreme end of what could happen, but it's not uncommon.

Leading on from this, I was reading an article today based on a study someone carried out where they created 10 fake online dating profiles (half male, half female) in order to see if there was a difference between men and women and the amount of hits they got. All the profiles and bio were exactly the same. The results were pretty astonishing - see below.



So, my questions for any guys seeing this are these:

Have you experienced this gender imbalance on dating websites, and/or any negative effects as a result?

Perhaps you've felt similar difficulties in real life dating?

Keen to hear any thoughts. :chin:
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  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Personally, I've never actually used online dating. I do have a friend though who joined Tinder as a laugh because we were messing around. He has had it about 2 weeks now and has 21 people interested. I don't really know if that's high or low for guys, but compared to the images above, it's a lot lower than the girls. It did get me curious though, so I would have had a little test on it but there isn't a windows app for it. Shame.

    Personally, I find real life dating pretty hard. It might just be because of my social anxiety but I find it very hard to talk to anyone. Especially if I like them. I tend to just keep quiet, I've never actually approached anyone myself, they have always approached me. So I suppose I have it pretty easy like that, I wouldn't really know.
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