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m8s or more dilemma

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I have a dilemma
Met this guy 2mths ago at first it was a physical attraction and we got together. Told him i wantready for a relationship atm .Now we are very close spend at least 4 days a week together. Friends think we are together but we say we are best m8s. Told me he has feelings he keeps hugging me kissing my cheek and forhead . Talks about how I'm stuck with him for life. He's become very protective of me . Texts me morning noon and nights...has done every day since we met. Our m8 thought I was jealous when he spoke to another girl on a night out.. I was a Lil tbh . He asked me next day if I was and if I had strong feelings for him. I denied it. He said he'd be happy if I did . Played me a song at weekend and said this is 'our song' listen to the lyrics .... stay with me we can last forever...you and me forever.
In a dilemma whether I should say how I feel or if he still just wants to be best m8s


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Jesus, I don't think this dude can be any more clear that he absolutely fancies you. He is desperate for you to give him the time of the day, so if you fancy him too go and tell him. The reason he only "wants to be m8s" is because this is all he (thinks he) can get from you so he settles for that, but he wants more.
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    Hi saz, welcome to the boards :wave:

    As StrubbleS said, it does seem like this guy really likes you, by the things he says and does - also the fact that he wants you to like him too.

    Is there something holding you back from expressing your feelings for him? As you said you did feel jealous that night but denied it to him, is there a reason why?
    You mentioned you weren't ready for a relationship so perhaps things are complicated for you right now, but it could be worth expressing this to him.

    It could be worth thinking about what you feel for him and if he is making you happy - and whether this could becomes more than just mates :chin:
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