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I've got something I need help/advice about but I want to check what's the rules on what topics you can or can not post about on here before I ask it?

The reason I'm doing this is because I asked the question on Saturday on Another website and it got edited by the moderators to the point where it looses meaning or the question i'm asking is not even there anymore. No-ones replied probably because there's not really a question in it anymore.

So yes, I want to check before the same happens here.
Can someone list what things you are not allowed to talk about on this website?


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    You can really talk about anything, but you're encouraged to focus on feelings rather than detail. It might be good to have a look around the forums and read these - http://vbulletin.thesite.org/forum/t...alth-wellbeing - they're pretty much right at the top of the forums.
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    Hey Amy,

    Butterfly's spot on. :yes: There are general guidelines to what you can discuss in the form of sticky threads at the top of each forum. It might be worth giving the relevant ones of those a read over before posting, if you're worried about what you can talk about. :)

    Additionally, if we ever do need to edit a post, we'll always do our best to maintain the meaning and core themes behind the post. We'll also message you privately to let you know and explain why. :)

    Hope that helps!
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