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i Can't take it much longer...

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i'm breaking apart... it's bad enough that i can't be my bf's gf in front of people.. he knows people who are 10x more attractive than me... i.. i can't do it anymore.. i'm so scared of losing him to someone else.. i can't sleep and i can hardly eat.. i have no friends to talk to about my problems which is why i'm here.. please help.. it's killing me to be this way.. i can hardly even smile most days and honestly... i don't want to exist anymore...


  • JustVJustV Community Manager Posts: 5,301 Part of The Furniture

    Kudos for opening up, here. :) Particularly as it sounds like it took a good amount of courage. Can I just clarify, your main reason for posting is fear of losing your boyfriend?

    It's totally understandable to feel like this, particularly if you happen to struggle with low self-confidence/self-worth. It's worth bearing in mind, though, that he's your boyfriend and he did choose to be with you. Sure, there will always be other people out there who you believe are more desirable than yourself, but (like most things) that's totally subjective. It's a very human thing to think you're second best and to feel worried about losing a loved one because of it, but we all see people in different ways and beauty/attractiveness in different places; our opinion of ourselves/others doesn't necessarily match that of other peoples'.

    Going to pretty much rip down the corny cord, here, but "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" tends to ring true. :)

    I wonder if it might be worth working on some potential underlying feelings, here, like the low confidence or self worth I mentioned. Would you say these apply to you, or might there be other root causes? Feel free to share a bit more about what you're feeling, if you're comfortable doing so. *hug*
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