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How to create an avatar

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What is an avatar?

Avatars are images that you may choose in your profile. They are displayed next to your username on all posts that you make.

Choosing an Avatar

Before you add your Avatar to your profile, you need to choose or create a suitable image. The image can by any size, but if it's bigger than 560 pixels wide and 560 pixels tall, it will be automatically resized to those dimensions. Once you have chosen an image you're ready to go.

How to add/edit your avatar

1. Click or tap on your username at the top of the page to visit your profile.

2. On your profile, you'll see a blue, 'Change Picture' button just above your avatar (which is the picture on the right). Click that and you'll see a new window with some options:

You can choose which part of the picture you want to be the thumbnail by clicking and dragging. At the bottom of that window, you can also upload a new picture or delete it altogether.

3. Once you've chosen a section of your picture or uploaded a new image, it will appear on your profile!

Can I use an animated GIF?

Yes, but it can be tricky to get them to work. If you try and resize a GIF with Vanilla, it will remove the animation.

You'll need to either save the image or copy the URL, then visit a special GIF editing website such as GifsGifs. Once you've cropped and/or resized it, save it and you should be able to use that version as your avatar.

If the file size of your GIF is too big it still won't work, so make sure it's not something too complicated and flashy. Basic ones should work totally fine.

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