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We have been threatened by our landlord repeatedly since last summer. We have been told with every Instance, " you'll do what I say, because you can't find any where eles to live," " you'll do it or you're evicted. " Things began to take a horrible turn when we started watering the area in front of our apartment (as stated in our lease agreement as part of our responsibilities and so were the rest of my neighbors) it was good and she was happy until she got the water bill. Upon such time she said " we had abused our water privileges. If the bill was not lower next cycle, she would rsise our rent $150 permanently." We were not excessively watering and were not the only ones watering the grounds. She forced us to monitor the water use and then put locks on the water spout. The bill was just as high next. Cycle, without the useage of our section watering. We recived no apology from her.
She threatened us agian yesterday and implied that our neighbor is a better class of person than we are and she wants to keep her here. If she has more issues she'll have no choice but to evect us.
My family doesn't feel comfortable here any more and treatend. What can we do?


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    Hey there @vcathey78 and welcome to TheSite :wave:

    I've moved your topic over in to the Home, Law & Money forum as it seems to fit there best.

    From reading your post I just wanted to check out whether or not you're in the UK or if you're in the USA - I saw the $ sign that makes me think maybe you're in the USA.

    This community is based in the UK so in terms of pointing you in the direction of services that can help that's a bit trickier for us if you're in the US. However, we so have a couple of things you can try.

    Reach out offer support to young people in the USA: http://us.reachout.com/

    211.org can help you find support local to you: http://211.org/

    If you're being threatened and fear for your safety then informing the police might also be a next step, it sounds like your landlord is taking advantage of their powerful position and it sounds really stressful for you and your family.

    Let us know where you are and indeed keep posting whenever you need to have a vent about this - looking after your stress levels is really important too.

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