Disney Princesses - All the same?

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This came up in chat recently and we thought it would be a good idea to see people's opinions. As we all know Disney is a massive deal to lots of people.. even young people in their 20's.. Disney has seen many changes from strong female leads to multi cultural princesses. I was wondering what people thought about their being disabled or even gay princesses. Do you think this would tarnish the Disney name or make it stronger?

Feel free to share your thoughts :chin:

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    I'm surprised they've never had disabled or gay princesses. Would like to see it happen one day.
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    I think they should have both gay princesses and princes as well as disabled ones. Young children will look up to them and with there being no princesses/princes of that sexual orientation or disability, they don't have anyone to look up to or relate too, for those children who have a certain disability or sexual orientation. It's the same with Barbie dolls how they have now changed. (I had an image in my mind of what I was going to say but then came out how i didn't want it to ah well)
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    Interesting thread... :chin:

    I feel like including lead characters from across the board would take us a step closer to normalising diversity to the younger generations. Overall I could see it making the Disney name stronger, perhaps with the exception of the views of some folks (because we can't all be reasonable people).
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