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I'm so worried..

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Hi everyone!
Today was horrible. I went into the hairdressers and they've changed if about a bit because my usual hairdresser has moved nearer to where she lives. I noticed that the reception staff has moved as well. I bought leaving presents for the staff that was leaving last time . Anyway the new receptionist said I talked like her 6 year old daughter last time just because I was quiet. I have aspergers so I don't know if a person without would have found that awful to deal with. I thought it was a joke then today I had on a jacket and gloves and it's cold so she said have you for enough layers on. But then she talks to everyone else fine. Then I told the manager today and someone from head office was there coincidentally and they sacked her.
I feel awful. Stressed and don't know who to turn to. Is it bad that I let this happen?
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