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Help Please

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I have just been in a support chat, that was not very sporting because everyone was arguing. But someone said come here.
I tried to register but found out my email is already used so I must have tried this place for help in the past but not recently, but their was probably a reason I stopped using here.

Before I write the problem or I will try to write it, I don't really know how to, can I check if people will actually help?
I think explaining will be difficult so I don't want to do that and then not get any help.

I hope someone replies soon


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    Hi amy, welcome - thanks for posting :)

    Sorry that support chat ended on a bit of barnie tonight - it is usually a supportive atmos - sounds like a few people weren't following the guidelines tonight - is a big shame that happened, but rest assured, it's not often the case.

    It sounds like you're feeling the need for support quite urgently? Our sister site Get Connected had a webchat open for another hour - feel free to drop-in:

    Equally, feel free to post more here and others can reply to you any time :)

    Take care
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    Hi, Thank you for replying!

    Yes, I need help quite a lot right now.

    I went to get connected first, about an hour ago, it came up with the not available message despite the fact that it was only 9pm. So then I just started googling things like 'free helplines uk' and ended up in support chat.
    I always go to get connected for help first if I'm honest, Have used them for a long time and their great as a place to start, I volunteer too.
    But, I don't know what to do when it's not working.

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    Hey there Amy,

    Welcome to back to TheSite.org message boards, it's great to have you on board again. TheSite.org chat can be a right mare sometime, I'm sorry you had a negative experiance with it, rest assure however, it isn't always argumentative, it can be a really calm and relaxing atmosphere, and can be an ideal spot for gaining support too. However, if you want more focussed support, I think the message boards are better, as you don't have everyone talking at once, and really gives you the chance to step back and think about what you wantto express etc. But do give chat a few more tries, takes time to get used to, but the chat community is absolutely lovely.

    I used to be quite reliant on specific helplines and it can be a mare when they are unavailabe @amy#36, but it's reassuring to have places like this available, and I swear once you start getting used to the community here it can be absolutely lovely and caring. I think the issue with replying etc. Is timing really, not every member here will know what to say, or how to respond, but every response given will be given with care, and kindness, and the moderating team ensure that no threads go without a reply, so you shouldn't be blanked off.

    Would you like to talk a bit about what's going on for you at the moment? I notice you're still online? - How are things for you tonight? - I'm going to head off to bed in a few minutes, but I will check in after work tomorrow ^.^

    Do keep us updated on how things are going for you,
    Best wishes,
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    Hello WispersOfTheHeart

    I was online yes, I've been doing all kinds of things, and assumed everyone had gone to bed so was not checking for replies. I just kept this open so I could look tomorrow and didn't even think about being logged in still.
    I think I will try the chat tomorrow if I remember and hopefully it is better.

    I think I might have worked out why I stopped using this site, I find it really hard to see/read things on here. The font is just really small and thin lined without their being big differences between letters so it is hard to read.

    I've calmed down quite a lot from earlier, and hopefully I will sleep soon but I don't know. I've not slept a full night for 3 months, yes I have tried to get help but not got anything yet, all I can do is keep suffering it while keeping trying to convince people to help.

    I have a lot of things going on for me at the moment generally, sleep being 1 problem. I don't think I can count how many their is. I might just end up listing everything, then you can pick one and help with whichever you choose.
    -not really eating that well anymore, or taking me medicines.
    -Mum not having money
    -trying to contact Dad
    -knee injury, trying to get to not need crutches anymore
    -Uni, think we are starting to get work again now so will have to do some again.
    -self harm
    -Uni support, just had to meet a new person last week because the person I had but never managed to see is leaving in 2 weeks.
    -Living support problems, they change things last minute and don't tell me. And I managed to argue with all of them last week.
    -moving between uni and mum 2 times a week. I left my tablet charger at mum's house this week so now can't use it unless I manage to buy a spare one tomorrow.

    I can't think of any other big things, there is lots more little things though but these are the main ones. Though of course as soon as I send this I will think of something else.
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    Hi Amy,

    Sounds like you're struggling with a lot at the moment; it must be really tough, especially when you're not able to get a good night's sleep. Have you seen our article on TheSite on not getting much sleep? I wonder if there's anything you can think of that helps soothe you and feel a bit more at rest before you go to bed? :chin:

    Feel free to start a specific thread on anything else that might be bothering you in particular, I'm sure a few on here will be able to contribute :)
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