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Real action?

JamesJames Posts: 1,706 Extreme Poster
Whether or not you follow (or care) what the government's up to and no matter which party you support (if any), one thing we can probably all agree on is that we're all surrounded by politics. Like it or not, decisions made in Westminster, Holyrood,​​​Cardiff Bayor Stormount can really affect our daily lives.

So what happens when you disagree with these decisions? Do you try to take action?

I came across this parody of 'real action' in the age of social media. Have a watch and feel free to share your reaction. What point is it trying to make?



  • apandavapandav :) Posts: 2,072
    Going to be completely honest, I feel I wouldn't take action as I am not well informed about politics. Funnily enough I studied Modern Studies at school, yet I felt I still don't know much about the political parties and their manifestos.

    I turned 18 last year, so voted for the first time (not including my countries referndum, but in UK Westminister elections) and I was very unsure as to who to vote for. I think for the next time I am deciding who to vote for for both the UK and Scottish elections I will pay more attention to all those leaflets that come through my door. It's now been a year and I'm 19, my knowledge has not expanded, hence I need to find it more info before I can take an active role in politics. Makes sense, I can't campaign for or against anything if I'm lacking in information.

    (this is irrelevant but just wanted to say- I recognised that girl in the video, which I was confused by since she's American, I'm sure she's Anais Boirder- I watched a documentary where she met her long lost twin sister, it's ironic- this world is smaller than you think!!)

    EDIT: I just remembered there is something I disagree with- David Cameron sending troops to Syria, I took no action what so ever for this
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