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Am i mad if i see things

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A year last October I seen a figure beside my bed it was in a white robe and a blue light around it. I was terrified I was wide awake at the time and it shook its head and disappeared. Even though I have not seen nothing since I from time to time think what I saw I'm not someone who believes in celestial bodies but I know what I saw was real and am wondering if this is the start of madness as I always thought myself a rational person if any one can give me a diagnosis or have been through similar your input would be gratefully appreciated thank you


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    Hi michejay,
    Really sorry your post was missed - I hope you'll come back and see this.

    You say you saw this vision a fair while ago and it sounds like it's been playing on your mind ever since? Just wanted to drop in and say seeing things that you wouldn't expect or seemingly might not be there doesn't automatically need to be taken as a sign of 'madness' or a sign that you're unwell. There are many factors that might play into this - for example it might be an issue with your sight, or it could be as a result of anxiety or even a hallucination caused by something else completely.

    Can you remember if there was anything going on for you around that time that might have been related at all?

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    Hi, it might be something called sleep paralysis. I had a similar issue once a couple years ago where I saw young children playing at the foot of my bed. Before this I saw weird stuff right after opening eyes like someone in black in the corner of my room or my sister (who shared the room with me) moving around on her bed smiling though she was sleeping. It occurred once a week for several months then after the "young children" incident it stopped. I know sleep paralysis is supposed to completely paralyze you or whatever but I could move my head during the last incident, though maybe I couldn't move just because I was so scared. Ever since I still can't sleep with my closet open. Nothing like that ever happened to me ever again, in the beginning I thought I was going mad too. Feel free to bring anything else that's bothering you up.
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