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JSA: sign-on day same day as unpaid training course

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Hello, I'm after a bit of advice on how I can get my JSA paid; I've been successful at a job interview but have to complete 3 days' training 1st-3rd Feb.

So far, I've had my JSA interview (13th Jan) and attended a group Job Club meeting (18th Jan). As it's almost 2 weeks since my interview and I hadn't heard a peep from the DWP, so I just gave Job Centre Plus a call and they told me they made a £10 odd payment to me on Thursday (21st Jan), and my next payment will be made on Monday (1st Feb). She said that's my sign-on day too (I didn't even know that- didn't even know whether my application had been successful!).

Last week I accepted a job offer which was dependent on my references, and attending a 3 day unpaid training course 1st-3rd Feb. No contracts have been signed, bank details have not been given; I don't even know when my work start date would be, so I'm definitely not employed, and still due payment for the last 2 weeks of unemployment at least.

My question is, can I rearrange my sign-on date? If I go to the training days and not to my sign-on, will I still get paid that Monday? I have £40 to my name and am in desperate need of the cash.

Any help is appreciated; thanks!


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    You can't change your sign on date. best thing to do is speak to the JCP and see what they say.
  • Cat88Cat88 Posts: 377 Listening Ear
    Hi tangofingers! This sounds pretty annoying, but as Melian says I do think you would be best to get definite info from the JCP where you do your sign on. I wouldn't want any information on here to be incorrect and get you into a mess.
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    The JC will probably just automatically sign you without being there since you're unable to visit because of a job commitment. They won't jeopardize your employment. I had this in the past once and they just said it was okay. But it's best to get this confirmation in person from your job centre, just in case.
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    I wanted to do 2 weeks volunteering some 70 odd miles away from home, but I can only do one week because the job centre says that "you have to come in to sign on" (I sign on every fortnight). I really wanted to do the volunteering!!

    If you can't rearrange the day you sign on then maybe you can let the training provider know that you have an appointment at the job centre and see if you can go to it. Which is what I'm going to do when I get a reply from the volunteering 'manager'.

    Good luck
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