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making the same mistakes over and over again

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i post this somewhere wrong before and now i'm moving it. i just need help. i've been into therapy before but nothing really changed.
i'm very desperate now here's what i post before:
have you ever felt your life is just going away and you have no control on it? have you ever wanted to be disappeared because of all the humiliations you brought to yourself in front of everyone? have you ever wonder what the hell is the matter with you for you're making the same mistakes over and over again? when everything seems sunny and ok and you think this time will be easy then suddenly you ruin everything by your own hands... i feel like i'm better dead right now. i'm in a disaster made by my own silly mistakes. where is all those lessons lying in bad experiences? why they never seem to help me when i'm in a rough situation. i'm screwing all my exams one after another while it seemed so easy at first. i'm smart i know about my courses but the exam days are just nightmares.i don't know how to look into my family's eyes after they find out about my mistakes(for i'm still living with them!!) i fell like a total loser right now and the solution for my problems was in my hand just days ago when i could use my chance to study just for one exam but i made those horrible mistakes again and led myself to this nightmare. i'm such a fool and this time there's no way back. every time i tell myself you can make up for it. but every time i feel weaker and weaker and this time there is no "another chance". i humiliated myself in front my teachers. i asked one of them take me another exam and he treated me like sh*t and i hate myself so much i can never forgive myself for being so wrong and hopeless.
is anyone else in a situation like this right now? can anyone understand how i feel now?


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    Hi there,

    It's brave of you to share how you are feeling but remember you're not fighting this alone and that we're all here for you.

    It can be hard to feel like this and I truly do understand and can relate; as many others probably can too though we all have our own reasons and our own circumstances surrounding that.

    May I ask what mistake(s)you feel you keep making?

    You are most definitely not better off dead right now.Support is here on TS and out there for you.

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    thanks for reply
    procrastinating everything until there's almost zero time to do that. not learning from my experiences, not believing in my potentials and being so obsessed about doing a job so well that leads me to waste all my time and finally doing it in the worst way possible. and my biggest problem is my low rate in everything. oh i feel so stupid right now
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    Hi, I understand this and unfortunately so many of us are like this in one way or another and feel this way. It can take time to learn from experiences we've had or mistakes we've made and that is very humanly natural thing to do and nobody at all is perfect after all. In fact, there's no such thing as perfect!

    You are not stupid! Not at all! Here if you'd like to talk some more

    Hannah x
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    Hi Goldfish,

    It sounds like you’re really struggling with a few things at the moment, and it can be scary when things feel out of control. As Hannah says, learning from our mistakes can take time, and we can often repeat them more than once before learning from them. What might it be that makes you think you have ruined things? I wonder what your family have said about the mistakes that’s made you feel the way you do.

    I’m sorry to hear about your experience with one of your teachers. Perhaps you could speak to another teacher or a head of department about getting support with your exams if you need to? It seems your studies in particular are taking a toll on how you’re feeling - would you feel able to talk about that some more?

    We have some advice here on study motivation, as well as tips on studying, and if you’re struggling with anything in particular feel free to post in our Student forum with your questions :)

    We are here if you want to talk some more *hug*
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