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Any advice on healthy eating or just eating better?!

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I've decided that it's time that I take myself seriously and follow through with my plan on eating and living a better life. My problem is that I don't know where to start. I'm not necessarily a picky eater, I just find it difficult to push myself to make food rather than opening the fridge or pantry and making something quick and easy. Something that requires very few steps. Obviously that's not ideal with eating healthy unless it's an apple or something LOL. I'd really appreciate some guidance with this. Workout plans, recipes, knowing you're in the same boat. Anything will help. :)


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    Make batches of food so you aren't constantly cooking and have stuff in the freezer is probably one of my key tips. Oh and buying frozen veg can be a life saver. Some weeks I feel up for spending hours cooking, others... not so much.
    You haven't said what your diet is like at the moment, whether you eat much fruit and veg etc already or have a lot of processed, ready-made food. It could be that adding in extra veg (e.g. a carrot here, courgette there) into whatever you are making means you need less carbs / whatever you're bulking meals out with at the moment and then of course you get the extra vitamins from the veg. I'd also recommend looking at what you're snacking on and what you eat in general - a nibble here and a nibble there could be changed for something healthier - and it could be you aren't even noticing how much you are eating.
    As for exercise (and indeed food actually) make sure what you're suggesting you do is manageable. If you don't like cooking, you won't cook 7 days a week, nor is going to the gym every day manageable. If you do no exercise whatsoever at the moment, even a half hour walk every day will help.
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    Oops, you're right! Honestly, it depends on the day. Sometimes I'll eat a sandwich and an apple or granola bar throughout the day, and then eat whatever is on the table for dinner (I live with my family). Other days I'll eat things that are complete garbage. I've just started making smoothies so I have something better to eat in the morning. I think my problem is that I'm very inconsistent with what I'm eating so it's hard to stay on track. I also work late some days and have to eat later than i should. I'm not going to lie though, I eat a lot of bad stuff during the day, which is my problem. I just find that some meals that I see in cookbooks LOOK good, but I don't know if they taste good. Do you have any recommendations? I'm just trying to get a hold on school first (which I think I've done) and then I'm going to look into maybe a 30-45min run to start. Do you think that sounds like a good starting place? :)
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    Hey @cdoudz - welcome to TheSite :wave:

    It's great that you've decided to take on a healthier approach to your lifestyle. Plugitin has some good advice there.

    We have some useful info here on TheSite with regards to a balanced diet. The LiveWell website also has some good tips, as well as a sample food diary, which is a good way of keeping track of what you're eating throughout the week :thumb:

    It can be tough to get started but once you have a plan in place it can be more motivating. It may be a good idea to make a few small changes at first rather than lots of big changes, and it sounds like you've got the ball rolling with the smoothies and a plan to exercise regularly :yes:
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    Hello @raich! Thank you!

    Oh that's great! I'll go check it out now. Do you know if there's anything with people exchanging easy/good recipes!? Yeah its been challenging but I'm hoping I'll get a lot of good advice on here. So far so good! :')
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    Adding healthy foods to your diet can give you a super-healthy body. Potatoes, salmon, spinach, dark chocolate are good choices one can go with.
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