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Should all the people in prison be in prison?

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My views on this have changed over the years. After speaking with prison officers and them saying that most of inmates should be in prison I was intrigued to ask why not all of them. In their opinion and in mine 10-20% of people in prison should not be in prison.

Shocking facts - 1 in 4 prisoners have mental health problems, probably why a new mental health hospital is being built (prison to some of you). Also most crimes are drug related. So is it logically to crack down on drugs? Research the backgrounds in to some of these offenders, hardly surprising they have committed the crimes they have

The cuts that this government are making is disgusting.

I'm sure someone will ask why prisoners have pool tables, Sky tv and other privileges....lets think for a moment.....it's because it gives them power.....they do it so they can take it away from them


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    It depends on the crime. Because obviously, if you murder someone, you need to be locked up to protect other people from you.

    The 1 in 4 stat doesn't surprise me - it's the same in the general population.

    In regards to the drug related crimes - most of the time, it's not just the drug dealing. There tends to be violence involved and they do need to be locked up.

    Each week, there's a page in the local paper which tells you whose been in court, why and their punishment. Very few get put in prison and quite frankly, some of the punishments have been utterly ridiculous. Some people seem to be allowed to get away with comitting crimes again and again.
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