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'Experts By Experience'

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This video from a charity event on mental health shows two young people sharing their experiences of mental health services.

Can you relate?

What do you think of the phrase ‘Experts by experience’? Is there anything in particular that you agree/disagree with?

It would be cool to hear your stories :chin:


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    As someone with a few physical conditions, this is something which comes up quite often. I'm often finding that I'm sitting there with a doctor thinking "what the hell did you just say?" because it's rather ridiculous.

    A few examples:
    - I've got hearing problems; but I am not deaf. (it's to do with how I process sounds, rather than not being able to hear them) I am also partially sighted. I've been told by one GP there's something not quite right (the only test she did was to check my ears weren't full of wax) but she doesn't know what. Audiology have decided it's nothing and I need to get out more. (despite me saying this isn't possible because of noise) There's also a myth that those of us with sight problems have better hearing. We don't. We have to rely on our hearing more to compensate for the lack of vision. I now have the fun task of going back to my GP and asking to be tested for something without sounding like I've put my symptoms into Google and clicked on the first thing which sounds like I have. (I haven't - I had a whinge on Facebook and a friend mentioned it sounds like what her daughter has. My symptoms fit)

    - I was born with a pretty neurological condition which depending on who you believe, causes no problems at all. (in short, I've got part of my brain missin and have fluid there instead) Somehow, every medical person has decided this has nothing to do with the fact that I get migraine (I've worked out a trigger; but obviously, that can't be true all the time) or the conditions I have. I've had a GP sit there and telling me I'm lying and then ask if I want talking therapy. Probably not helped by being put on something where the side effect is suicidal thoughts and depression. (which happened to me and I got taken off it pretty quickly)
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    Thanks for sharing Melian. This can certainly apply to physical health as well, so it's good to get an insight into that side of things too :yes:
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