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Fickle colleagues

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I left my previous work place back in June 2015 but I'd like to do some shopping in there; thing is I have mixed feelings about the place. While it had a nice atmosphere overall (even though some staff & colleagues had their disagreements at times) there were a few people who I wasn't sure if they liked me. Though this lady left this time last year some of the things she said still get to me or I still ask myself "did she mean all of that to spite me or was she just not thinking straight? And why didn't I stand up for myself a little by saying 'can you not say that please? It's kind of upsetting me.'" Though we clicked when we first met and everything for me was easier in my first year of working at this shop as I had a large circle of friends but things began to change as they left and then 2013 rolled in.

This guy came along to start work (though he didn't do a lot in the stock room) and though he seemed quite nice at first little did I know he was hatching a nasty plan on me. But before I discovered that manipulative side I overheard some people being nasty about him so I stuck up for him. Everything seemed ok for a bit then he started picking on another colleague and when I politely asked this guy to stop he glared at me and threatened to spread something around about us two whilst raising his fist at me. I'm going to continue this later, need to be somewhere in half an hour, apologies


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    From reading your post I think you should make your mind up yourself.....personally, I wouldn't go in.
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    Hey there adoreseverycolour,

    From what you have said you had some difficult experiences at your old job with various colleagues and you're not sure about going back there.

    Sometimes in these situations it can be helpful to ask yourself what will I gain by going back and what will I lose? This can help you work out what you really want to do and what's important in all this.

    If you need to get some shopping done, do you need to go to this particular store? Perhaps part of you is curious to see what reaction you might get going back if when you left it felt like there was some unfinished business?

    Feel free to keep thinking it out here - we'll do what we can to help and we're here to listen :)
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    Hi apologies if this reply is a little late in response to Jo7 and SpinTires. Thanks for the advice therefore taking everything into account and follow it all through. Atm there's not much point returning as it'll just feel awkward and create tension. But thankfully the nice ones who never made me feel bad still say hi whenever I see them around which is great.

    I'll try to continue with that post soon. It's just knowing what to put down & I don't want to annoy everyone on here
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    Hey will continue with this asap been busy & trying to think of advice to give to some other cases on here (thinking of what to say and making sure it's helpful and tactful) as I don't want to just go on about myself. And the rest of this fickle colleagues thing is a little long, so thinking of how to break it up into simple points.
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