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Naming my rapist

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On November 8th of 2015, maybe an hour into the day, I was a victim of sexual assault. Two months later, I started having flashbacks and became aware that I was raped that night. There's a huge possibility he isn't getting arrested for this. I won't get my day in court to tell the judge and jury what he did to me..how it's affected me, my life. I've kept quiet about his name not many people know. And the people that do know have kept it quiet as well. However, enough is enough. It's not fair to me, the victim, that while he's out there having a grand old time with his life, I'm stuck fighting back flashbacks. Forcing myself to just get out of bed every day to go to work. Struggling with depression. Panic attacks. Now about to go into counseling. On medication. I relive this day..every second of my life. And he deserves karma. And the way I see it, if karma's not coming at him legally, then I should be able to post his name on social media. He shouldn't get away with this while I suffer. But the question is, are there any laws that could prohibit me from using my attackers name?


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    There are laws regarding slander and libel, I think it's called.
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    Hi there beanababe001 and welcome to TheSite,

    I'm really sorry to hear about the assault that you suffered last year. It sounds as though up until now you have wanted to keep this quiet, you have told a few people who have also kept it quiet for you. However, now you say 'enough is enough' and I can hear an anger or frustration in your words, that there is a sense of injustice in him being able to carry on with his life while you deal with the consequences of the assault.

    It's really positive to hear that you're about to start counselling - hopefully this will provide you with a safe space to express your emotions and to work through the impact of what has happened to you.

    In terms of calling him by name and telling people on social media - I'd suggest getting some legal advice on this. Whilst it may help you in the short term, there could be a fall out that ends up creating additional stress and conflict for you and right now your wellbeing is the most important thing.

    You can contact Rape Crisis - they offer advice to victims of sexual assault and their helpline is open everyday from 12 - 2.30pm and then again from 7 - 9.30pm: http://rapecrisis.org.uk/centres.php

    Rights of Women also offer free and confidential legal advice: http://rightsofwomen.org.uk/get-advice/

    Victim support also have a helpline you can call for advice and support whether or not you wish to report the crime: https://www.victimsupport.org.uk/hel...ult-info-women

    You're also more than welcome to keep posting here for support, we're here to listen and offer help and support where we can *hug*
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