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i lost all my time. i'm a fool

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hi i'm about 27 years old. i'm a girl and i'm a student having her exam started in 24 hours. i fell horrible right now cuz i lost my two weeks for reading on stupid thoughts and most of it because i was so scared to start anything. i fell like i'm lost and have no control on my time and life. i never used my potential truly and right now i'm terrified how to spend this 24 hrs, how could i be so stupid all my life. i know you may think i'm a spoiled little girl with no goal in her life, but this is not true. i just can't control my time and everything will be lost. i know the world has seen worse but at this moment i feeeeeeeeel sh*t and hate myself sooooo much. what my professor would think of me if i screw up the exams!!! god help me!! i don't even believe in god actually but ohhhhh can someone please tell me something nice? what do i do? how do i bear myself through exam season!! i'm so depressed and angry with myself!
this has happened a thousand time in my life and i'm done. no one can help me. i'm tired of myself. of my silliness and why i never learn from my experiences.


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    AuroraAurora Posts: 11,722 An Original Mixlorian
    Hello there Goldfish,

    Warm welcome to TheSite.org message boards, just a heads up that TheSite is aimed for young adults aged 16-25 in the UK, but legit like we have users younger and older than that and users from all over the globe! First take a deep breath, panicking will do fudge all, try to calm yourself down, I know that's easier said than done, and drop all the judgements, just focus on yourself for a moment, you still a few hours to cram in a bit off revision if you wanted to. Make yourself a time line of stuff you need to do, add breaks, etc. And go over material you think you are stronger in. Do you get exam questions prior to sitting it? Or not?

    Forget that your professor would think, this is about you, not them, and I'm guessing they're hoping you go into this exam in a few hours and try your hardest. Because it can happen, what subjects are the exams in?

    You're not silly at all, you're just going through a really difficult patch at the moment, and you can get through this, just take a step back from everything, tell yourself it will be okay, you're going to go into the exam and give it you're 100% even if you don't past, you'll know that you tried your best through it. What has helped you in the past when you've struggled with exam stress? Or your thoughts?

    Were here for you, keep reaching out to us! Do let us know how it goes :heart:

    Best wishes,
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    hello i'm back again. thank you so so so so much Whispersoftheheart . you're very nice. i saw your answer just a few hours be4 my exam. i wouldn't say it helped much but it was a really good feeling in your kind post. it worth a world to me. just knowing that someone miles away cares and puts to time to try to make u feel better is a bless. i was having a nervous breakdown the other night and not that i'm very better now but i'm ok. i still h8 myself and i'm even more angry cuz i did a terrible exam and it was my first exam in this semester. i don't wanna even think about it. now i have to go through other exams and get ready for them which is even harder becuz when i start bad i usually continue worse but there's no other choice. i must forget that exam and try to focus on the rest. i made a bad bad mistake to lose all the time i had but i cannot do anything about it right now.
    it's really good to find this place. i mostly feel lonely and need to talk but i don't have many friends and i'm usually ashamed to talk about all of my weakness and stupidity. so coming here is a good thing for me.
    about the age limit. sorry i didn't notice it at first. ohhhhh i feel old now. but i guess everyone grows old and these young adults here can't just leave The Site as soon as they get over 25. right? so i'm feeling welcome here!!! :)
    thank you again. i hope that the next time i post anything here, it will be in better days.
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