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facbook nightmare pls help!

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so ive been on fb for years now, and its only now ive had a real problem. thing is, ive been hacked, i know ive been hacked because when i go to settings,security, known devices it tells me theres this device which i dont recognise, in a location i dont recognise.
so i go through the normal precedures like logging out setting a new password etc, but this person manages to somehow hack again. weirdest part to come:
i create a whole new account, takes me ages to add everyone. when i check the known devices, ITS THE SAME DEVICE IN THE SAME LOCATION AGAIN. does anyone have any suggestions?
i know probably not a big deal but i have no friends to hang round with so fb is my only way to connect with other people.


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    You've probably not been hacked. I've had that many times with an unknown device and location, if its continually happening it's likely just a bug on Facebook's side. Enable 2 factor authentication on your account though.
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