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He was on craigslist men seeking men

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I am female. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year now. He was trying to send me an email when we were at home but it wouldn't send. He gave me his phone and told me to try and make it work. He was going to grab a quick shower. I've never doubted his faithfulness. Never had a reason not to. We've been very happy together. First year is always great right! Well, I went into the sent folder to see if it actually did go through. Right under the one to me put me in shock!! The subject was Cute Little ****** Looking To Get Used. (2 months prior)He sent it to a personal ad on craigslist men seeking men. It contained...new to this dont have much time but would really like to try something new so get back to me asap. Wtf?? I looked at the date and realized I was working that night and he only had 3 hours till i got home. I scrolled further down and found more from the year before we got together. He wasn't new to that! It was full of craigslist ads. To men and women. I dont know if he actually went through with any of them. I searched through his inbox and found nude pics a girl had sent him 7 months ago. Found a bunch of zoosk dating site emails. And multiple emails from men and women froms the craigslist ads from before we were together. Im in shock and the stress is eating at me. I haven't said anything to him. But to me this is cheating. Hitting up someone for sex regardless of whether he acted on it or not. I dont know what to do. Every time we have sex I keep picturing him with a man. Its awful. Please send me some good advice.


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    Hi and welcome to TheSite :)

    It sounds like a really tough situation you're in at the moment, and it's understandable that you feel uncomfortable when you're unsure if your partner is fully committed to you.

    Being open and honest with each other is the way forward here. Every couple's boundaries are different, and it's important that you can define what that is for you both, and for you to talk to him and understand why he is doing what he's doing. Whilst I understand it's not an easy subject to raise, the longer it's left the more it will affect your relationship. Finding a moment when you are both relaxed and have time might help :yes: We have some advice here on how you might consider approaching your partner.

    Let us know how you get on *hug*
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