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Is there any hope left?

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Hello everyone,

My name is Younes, and I'm new in the site. I'm a Moroccan living in France for the last 5 years, unemployed for the last 3 years !
So basically, I'm a still a fresh graduate with practically no experience (internship in Spain) in international business.
I feel hopeless and lazy all the time, I almost feel like it's pointless to send applications because I always get a negative reply.

I have a part-time job but It's hard to stay motivated while having other problems. I just want to ask for some pieces of wise advice if anyone lived or is living through this kind of mess. There is a lot of things I want to do but I'm too lazy and hopeless to even lift a finger !!

Thanks anyway for letting me share this :)


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    Cat88Cat88 Posts: 377 Listening Ear
    Hi Younes - welcome to TheSite!

    Sorry to hear what you're going through, I can imagine it must be demoralising. Could you tell us more about what you want to do? I have moved this post to our Work & Volunteering board as we do have plenty of users who have experienced unemployment or job hunting issues, so they may well be able to help.

    Just a small thing to be aware of - our site is based in the UK so most of what we can signpost to is UK-based, but hopefully it could still be of use.
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    i am back again.
    hope everyone can live your own life,including myself.
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